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How do you tell when time is reversing? When a Jew drops a coin on the ground.
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Q: What's long and black and smells like shit? A: The welfare line.
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What did the black epileptic have written on his t-shirt? "Help I'm not break dancing"
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What do you call two niggers in a sleeping bag? Twix...
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How do you get a Mexican chick to blow you? You decorate your wiener with leaves. Trust me, Mexicans love blowing leaves.
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Why do mexicans walk around the school like they own the place? Cause there dad built it and there mom cleans it at night.
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What do you get when you mix a nigger and an octopus? I don't know, but it picks the hell out of cotton
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Why do ghetto people always name their kids things they cant afford like Diamond, Mercedes, Car Insurance?
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What do Eskimos get from sitting on the ice too long? Polaroid's.
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Once upon time, there were three friends playing on a beach. One kid's parents were good business people. The second kid lives in a good family where he is taught to respect his elders. The third kid was a poor redneck with an abusive father. Anyways, they were playing on the beach when a helicopter crashed down into the water. They saw a man drowning and all raced to save him. As they pulled the man to shore they realized it was Obama. The president then said, "Thank you kids for saving me! I'll give you each one wish!" The first kid said he wanted a helicopter. The second kid wished for some money. And the redneck asked for a wheel chair. Obama, concerned, asked why the poor boy wouldn't want some money for his family. The kid replied, "Cause when pap finds out what I've done, I ain't gonna be walking for a pretty long time."
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