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Q: What happens when four mexican guys are standing in quick sand? A: Quatro Sinko.
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Q: Why do German shower heads have 11 holes? A: Jews have 10 fingers.
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There were three guys in Hell - Iranian, American, and a Chinese man. They asked Satan to let them call their family. The American called and talked for 10 minutes. He payed $1,000. The Chinaman called and talked for 15 minutes. He payed $2,000. The Iranian talked for an hour and only paid $10. The other men complained and Satan responded, "A call from Hell to Hell is local.
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A black guys is walking through the woods, he starts to hear a sounds. It goes ching chong wu. So he starts to walk to wear he heard the sound. Soon enough he comes across a Chinese guy and a river. The black guy ask was that noise. The Chinese guy say, every time I throw a quarter in this river it tells me a name of an old relative. See watch, Chinese guy throws a quarter, ching chong chun. The black guy says let me try. He throws a quarter in and the river says, chimpanzee.
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Which traffic sign allows you to make a U-turn on a highway in Finland? You are approaching the Russian border.
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Only if they had more mosquito nets in Africa. We would be able to save millions of mosquitos from dying horribly from HIV.
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When a white person delivers an asian baby. White person: "Congratulations he looks like your husband... mom... cousin... uncle... neighbor..."
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Q: What's long and black and smells like shit? A: The welfare line.
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How are black people and wolves similar? They both fight in packs.
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What's the difference between a black man and a daycare? A daycare knows when it has children.
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