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Life is like a definite integral. Integral from birthday to death ( LOVE ) dx = LIFE
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Q: What should you put on the tomb stone of a mathematician? A: He didn't count with this...
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Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third shouts out "We got him!"
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Q:Why is the number eight afraid of the number seven? A:Because seven ate nine.
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Chuck Norris is the only person to know pi, because when he puts it into the calculator, the calculator doesn't dare give him only part of it.
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A college math professor and his wife are both 60 years old. One evening the wife comes home and finds a note from her husband. It says: "My dear, now that you are 60 years old, there are some things you no longer do for me. I am at the Holiday Inn with my 20-year-old student. Don't bother waiting up for me." He returns home late that night to find a note from his wife: "You, my dear, are also 60 years old and there are also things I need that you're not giving me. So, I am at the Motel 6 with one of your 20-year-old students. Being a math professor, I'm sure you know that 20 goes into 60 way more than 60 goes into 20. So, don't YOU wait up for ME."
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A helium molecule walks in afterwards. The bellhop asks if he needs any help. Helium doesn't react.
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A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there.
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A teacher asked a student to write 55. Student asked: How? Teacher: Write 5 and beside it another 5! The student wrote 5 and stopped. Teacher: What are you waiting for? Student: I don't know which side to write the other 5!
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Chuck Norris can count the number of corners in a circle.
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