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How long does it take a Mexican to build a, holy shit they're done!
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What would happen if tarantulas were as big as horses? If one bit you, you could ride it to hospital!
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Did you hear about that blonde who ran into that biulding you would of thought she'd seen it.
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Q. How many night club bouncers does it take to throw someone down the stairs? A. None! He fell.
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Did you know you can download the whole Tyson-Holyfield fight off the internet? It doesn’t take much memory – just two Bytes.
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So this retarded blind couple just lives in Guantanamo Bay. The prison warden told us soon these little fishies would grow gills. So we have been feeding our fishies since 911 they all been fed really well. In our daily water events until I told my wife, "there is a problem these fish haven't grown any gills." So we told the Warden and he laughed he said: "you know what you've been doing since 911 the blind couple relied on what!" The warden replied, "well you've been waterboarding convicted isis terrorists!" The blind couple said, "what happens to the fishes?" The warden replied, "well they are dead of course!"
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Well goodnight everyone. I have to get up early tomorrow to do nothing and still make more money than all of you!
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Q: Why is it that a white man is hanging on to a car driving 200 km per hour? A: Because a black man is driving it!
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If Chuck Norris ran for president, the competition would drop out, and he would get infinite terms.
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Q: What do you buy at a black guys garage sale? A: Your shit back.
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